Legalization & Apostille – Foreign Language Center EXTERA ZOOM


The quality of the translations provided by EXTERA ZOOM is ensured by the fact that the translation process will be carried out by translators authorized by the Ministry of Justice, which allows their work to be legalized by a public notary and thus recognized by the official authorities and institutions in Romania.

It is known that outside the country’s borders a form of certification is required to be accepted by foreign authorities. Official documents translated by a certified translator and legalized must be supra-legalized if they produce legal effects in the territory of another State not forming part of the Hague Convention. The document certifying the veracity of document’s translation out of the country is the APOSTILLE.

The APOSTILLE “is a certificate issued by the competent authorities of a signatory state of the Hague Convention for official documents drawn up in that country to be presented in the territory of another signatory state of the Convention” (Source:

We want to come to your aid with the service of solving the problem of obtaining the apostille.