Domains – Foreign Language Center EXTERA ZOOM


The translation process is the art of translating in writing a source text into a target text by identifying semantic and grammatical problems, forming an overall idea after reading the entire text, making the primary translation and correcting it, and executing the final version after reading and correcting the primary translation.

Our translation office has successfully completed projects related to several sectors:

LEGAL  (debt assignment contracts, sale / purchase contracts, housing contracts, consortium agreements, applications for credentials, warranty, court decisions, criminal charges, extracts from law, proxies);

BANKING  (letters of credit, balance sheets, bank procedures, credit agreements, liquidation files, financial / audit segment (audit reports, annual financial reports, balance sheets, financing files, leasing);

MEDICAL  (pharmaceuticals prospectuses, medical journal articles, prospectuses, instruction manuals for medical equipment, documentation related to medical studies, diagnostic sheets);

REAL ESTATE (valuation reports, notary deeds, contracts, rentals, market studies);

CONSTRUCTIONS (tender specifications, procedures, manual equipment, training leaflets);

IT (software documentation and instructions, IT training courses, tender papers for the auctions in the field);

AUTO AND HEAVY MACHINERY (invoices, licenses, service manuals, sales courses);

PROCUREMENT – Eligibility documents for bidding.

Translations of various web-sites, from various fields of expertise, brochures and marketing materials, presentations;

Various translations: study papers, work books, diplomas, graduate certificates, graduation certificates etc.

Last but not least, the accuracy of translations implies fidelity to the text, to the message, to the ability to fully transmit information in the target language, and to express the nuances of the language.

Here, at EXTERA ZOOM, our focus is on accuracy and on constant communication with the customer in order to ensure that the translation of the message has preserved exactly the nuances that the client desired to be transmitted to its interlocutors.