Courses for Children and Youth – FOREIGN LANGUAGE CENTER EXTERA ZOOM

EXTERA ZOOM organizes foreign language courses for pre-school students and for the youth.

  • Groups will be consisting of 6 or be contracted for individual training on request.
  • The program for children and the youth will be adapted to their age and needs.

As training methods we will use:

  • Learning through games,
  • Exercises for practicing abilities,
  • Fun exercises,
  • Group interaction,
  • Discussions,
  • Simulations
  • Questions and answers, etc.

EXTERAZOOM has the following goals for young learners:

  • Acquiring knowledge,
  • Engaging in analytical thinking,
  • Developing skills and changing attitudes, values ​​and / or feelings. We want both children and you to notice notable changes in acquiring knowledge in the field of foreign languages. 

In regards to the groups of children, EXTERAZOOM will ensure that it keeps permanent contact with their parents in regards to the activities performed by each young learner at each class time, and will provide a child-friendly learning environment so that each child will learn the foreign language step by step.

For the YOUTH, we designed a system that responds not only to the general needs of learning a foreign language but also to the requirements of school curricula, so that for most of them, no further lessons are needed to reach the level of training required in school.

The course structure, according to the previous training level, is the same for all age groups: