EXTERAZOOM focuses its attention on the business environment and wants to provide a business language package for business, responding to the need to train entrepreneurs and business people.

EXTERAZOOM language trainers will ensure that:

You will quickly and correctly acquire the foreign language studied,

You will form the skills necessary for reading, speaking and writing correctly in that language.

We chose methods and created practical applications that are suited to our business language training module, which can be supported even at the headquarters of the companies. These are guided by:

Interaction between participants,

Group discussions, role-plays,

Presentations, case studies,

Lectures according to the language training support and not only.

Choose our course and give yourself an edge over the competitionan advantage that will help you to be successful in your career and which, insofar as you are an employer, will give your employees a plus-value in sales, negotiations, art project management, etc.

The Foreign Languages ​​Course for the business environment is organized:

on demand,

individually or

in group.

The standard course module has:

12 sessions and

It lasts for 6 weeks, twice a week.


  • the commencement date of the course;
  • the number of the hours of tuition attended;
  • the frequency of the sessions;
  • the course’s syllabus and content;

the courses are organised on our clients request.

For a version of this course that suits your business requirements, feel free to contact us by either using the Contact Form or the available contact information of EXTERA ZOOM, in order to be able to determine together the needs of future learners